Aaron Sorkin Turns In First Draft of Steve Jobs Bio Film

Aaron Sorkin Turns In First Draft of Steve Jobs Bio Film

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has reportedly turned in the first draft of his script for a feature film biography of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs. The Academy Award-winning screenwriter’s script is based on Walter Isaacson’s bestselling biography of Jobs.



Tacked on to a report discussing the renewal and final season of Sorkin’s HBO drama series “The Newsroom,” Variety confirmed that the “Social Network” scribe has handed in a script for the as-yet-untitled Jobs project.

While details about the script are hard to come by, Sorkin has revealed in interviews that the movie will consist of scenes taking place just before the unveilings of three iconic Jobs-influenced products: The original Macintosh, the NeXT computer, and the iPod.

First word that Sony was planning to make a biopic about Jobs came in October 2011, just weeks following the loss of Jobs to pancreatic cancer. Sorkin signed on in 2012 to pen the adaptation of Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs” biography.

Sorkin’s effort will be the second stab at immortalizing Steve Jobs on film, following the horribly received Ashton Kutcher powered effort released in 2013.