Anki Drive App Update Offers Upgrades and Weapons For Its Robotic Racers

Anki Drive App Update Offers Upgrades and Weapons For Its Robotic Racers

Anki Drive, the robotic slotless race cars that allow you to control their defensive and offensive actions via an iOS app, has updated said app to add new upgrades and weapons.


From the Anki Drive Blog:

Now there are up to 20 different upgrades with which you can customize your car over time with this update. We also added some cool new weapons and support items. No matter what you choose in the app, the car will embody that on the track…

The new features include:

  • Reverse Drive. Now you can do a 180 turn and quickly change directions on the track – perfect for quickly getting behind someone so you can fire your weapon and take them out.
  • Kinetic Brake. Come to a dead stop on the track by engaging your emergency brake, and watch the car behind you fly by.
  • EMP. The electromagnetic pulse. Have you seen Ocean’s 11? It’s like that. You’ll damage all opponents nearby as you whiz past.
  • Horn. You can force people out of your way by holding down the horn. The sound is cool, but the effects are even better.

Everything That’s New in Version 2.1.0 of the Anki Drive App:

  • EXPANDED UPGRADE SYSTEMS – Enter the Garage and customize the new Combat, Chassis, Engine, and Energy Systems. Choose your path, buy & sell upgrades, and level up!
  • NEW WEAPONS AND SUPPORT ITEMS – Arm yourself with the all new EMP, Reverse Drive, Horn, and Kinetic Brake. Remember: swipe left & right on the triggers during gameplay to switch weapons.
  • THE ARMORY HAS MOVED – Each vehicle now has it’s own set of Weapons and Support Items. Configure them via the Armory in the Garage.
  • EARN BOUNTIES – Earn greater rewards for defeating stronger opponents. The higher a vehicle’s Level, the more bounty you earn for defeating it!
  • VEHICLE SOFTWARE UPDATES – Once updated, vehicles can use the new Upgrade Systems. All existing purchases have been refunded, and you’ll get even more points for each vehicle you update in the Garage.
  • SMARTER AI – Think you can beat the AI on hard? We sure don’t… especially with our recent improvements. It’s smarter than ever. Think you’ve got what it takes?
  • IMPROVEMENTS THROUGHOUT THE GAME – Enhancements and fixes make it even more fun to play.

The Anki Drive app is available in the App Store, and of course, it requires the Anki Drive race set. [DIRECT LINK TO APP]

The Anki Drive Starter Kit is available from the Apple Store, and