Hipjot iOS Swiping Keyboard Allows Users to Type up to 120 WPM

Hipjot iOS Swiping Keyboard Allows Users to Type up to 120 WPM

There’s a new “Swype-Style” keyboard available for iOS, but unfortunately, it’s only currently available in one app. Apple developer Yose Widjaja is showing off the operation of the new virtual keyboard in his Hipjot note taking app.


Poised as a cross between both gesture-based Android keyboard Swype and the standard iOS keyboard, the Hipjot keyboard can be typed on like a regular keyboard, but it also supports two handed sliding between letters. That means users can type the letters of a word, such as “deviant” with two hands simultaneously in a single double loop gesture.

The keyboard allows users to type both normally, and via swiping, using two hands, so peak speeds of 120 words per minute can reportedly be reached. As a comparison, The developers of Swype predict a typing speed of over 50 WPM for most users.

While Swype, currently limited to Android, allows for gesture-based typing, it does not allow users to use two hands simultaneously, or allow users to switch between gestures and standard key entry.

Hipjot is designed to serve as a demo for Widjaja’s keyboard, and the developer is willing to work with other developers in order to see his keyboard move forward. Any inclusion of the new text entry method would have to be on an app-by-app basis, as Apple does not currently allow third-party keyboards to globally replace the default keyboard.

The Hipjot app is available in the App Store for those individuals who are willing to spring for $1.99 to try it out. The developer notes the app is optimized for the iPhone 5 and above, and does not recommend its use on older handsets. [DIRECT LINK]