iPhone 3GS Battery Swells to Capri Sun Drink-Like Proportions

iPhone 3GS Battery Swells to Capri Sun Drink-Like Proportions

A Czech iPhone 3GS user recently noticed his phone was splitting at the seams…



We’ve heard plenty of stories of exploding smartphone batteries, but this might be the first time we’ve seen a battery right on the brink of actually blowing up. A writer over at the Czech website Letem Svetem Applem recently noticed his iPhone 3GS splitting at the seams thanks to a battery on the verge of bursting.

As the photos show, the battery swelled to more than double its normal size, resembling an overfilled Capri Sun Drink Bag.


The owner says he hadn’t seen any signs of trauma or indications of a problem with the iPhone 3GS before this happened, and that the phone has operated well since he first bought it in 2009.

No word on what the owner plans to do with the device, other than NOT pierce it with a drink straw. He did note that Apple’s European office had reached out to him about the incident, so good luck to him there.

  1. Gervaas says:

    This is normal protection battery manufacturers use for LiPo batteries. When there is a short circuit, the batteries either explode or grow rapidly, depending on the way it’s manufactured. Expanding is the safest way, of course.

  2. ssivic  says:

    I repair iPhones and I’ve seen this few times on iPhone 3gs batteries. Nothing new here.

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