The MacTrast News Digest for Friday, January 17, 2014

The MacTrast News Digest for Friday, January 17, 2014

Today we saw Starbuck fix that hole they had in their app, in-store iPhone 5c screen repair is set to begin next week, some more a-holes are phishing for Apple IDs, and Microsoft want’s to make Cortana from the Halo video game into a real thing! All this and more, in the MacTrast News Digest for Friday, January 17, 2014. (And… Cue the “Entertainment Tonight” theme music…)


Apple to Debut In-Store iPhone 5c Screen Repair Next Week
Apple is set to debut in-store screen repair/replacement of iPhone 5c screens starting Monday, January, 20th. Fumble-fingered iPhone 5s users will have to wait awhile longer for the service.
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Starbucks Updates iOS App Following Reports of Security Hole
Starbucks, who makes their coffee the same way I like my women – strong and bitter – has released an updated version of its iOS app in response to reports that the app was storing customers’ information in unencrypted format.
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Late 2011 Model MacBook Pro Owners Reporting Critical GPU Issues and System Crashes
A 157-page thread on the Apple Support Communities forum details issues that owners of early-to-late 2011 MacBook Pros with discrete graphics cards are experiencing.
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UGH! Another Apple ID Phishing Scam is Making The Rounds!
The phishing a-holes are back at it again, attempting to trick you into revealing your Apple ID login information. UGH! Do we really have to tell you again NOT to click links in emails that you receive like this?
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Apple CEO Tim Cook Appears at China Mobile iPhone Kickoff
iPhone sales have begun at China Mobile today. The world’s largest carrier made a deal with Apple back in December 2013 to carry the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on their wireless network.
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Review: Broken Age Act 1 – Double Fine’s New Adventure Arrives On Mac
Point-and-click adventure games are too few and far between these days. Adventure games with deep story lines, vibrant worlds with unique graphics, music that sets the tone for the gameplay, and puzzles that take a lot of effort to solve are the elements that truly make an adventure game feel like just that, an adventure.
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Google Would Like to “Chromote” Your Mac From Your iPad
It appears Google is planning to “Chromote” control your computer via your iOS device sometime in the near future.
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Microsoft Siri Competitor ‘Cortana’ Set For April Debut
Microsoft is prepping its Siri/Google Now competitor for an April debut. She’ll be called “Cortana,” and will feature the voice of actress Jen Taylor. Why Ms. Taylor? Because, Halo.
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That’s it for today, and for the week. We will be in and out over the weekend, so be sure to drop in from time to time for some wallpapers, reviews, how-tos, and maybe a funny or two. Have a great weekend everyone!

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