MacTrast News Digest – January 28, 2014

MacTrast News Digest – January 28, 2014

We’ve made it through the financials silly season for another quarter, as Apple announced its numbers for fiscal Q1 2014. The fanboys said YAY! And the analysts shook their heads about how Apple didn’t reach the numbers that the analysts themselves had set for the company. Ah well, Apple is doomed! What else is new?


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iPhone 5s Demand Surprised Apple, Took Some Time to ‘Build The Mix’
Monday’s earnings call revealed that Apple was expecting the iPhone 5c to sell better than it did in the United States. Apple CEO Tim Cook said sales growth for the iPhone was not as high as that of other countries, as Apple underestimated the demand for the company’s flagship iPhone 5s handset.
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Apple CEO Cook: Mobile Payments One of Driving Forces Behind Touch ID
Yesterday’s Apple earnings call saw the company’s CEO Tim Cook indicating that mobile payments were indeed one of the driving forces behind the inclusion of Touch ID on the flagship iPhone 5s.
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Wall Street Weighs in on Lower Than Expected iPhone Sales
Even though Apple sold a record number of iPhone in fiscal Q1 2014, selling over 50 million handsets in the three months for the first time in history, those sales were below what analysts had predicted. So of course, Wall Street is now concerned about the iPhone’s future growth potential.
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Apple Adds ‘Red Bull TV’ Action Sports to Apple TV Channel Lineup
Apple has expanded their lineup of channels for their Apple TV set-top box today by adding the “Red Bull TV” free action sports channel to the lineup.
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NSA Servers Can Collect Data From Mobile Apps
A new report from The New York Times says the U.S. National Security Agency specifically looks for data sent by mobile apps in order to capture personal data on surveillance targets.
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Rovio Denies Assisting NSA in Spying on Angry Birds Players
Documents made public yesterday claim U.S. and UK intelligence agencies are retrieving personal data sent by mobile apps during mass surveillance sweeps. Rovio’s popular game, “Angry Birds” was mentioned as one of the apps targeted by the agencies.
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Nintendo Denies Reports of ‘Mini-Games’ for iOS and Other Mobile Platforms
Nintendo is just saying “nintend-oh hell no!” to reports that it plans to offer “mini-games” on iOS and other smartphone platforms.
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LEGO and Google Team Up to Let You Build Anything in Your Chrome Browser
LEGO and Google have come together to create a new Chrome Experiment – LEGO: Build with Chrome. Because we don’t have enough cool things on the Internet to divert us from our daily tasks at hand.
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Apple TV Gets Its Own Section in The Apple Store – WOO-HOO!
Apple’s “hobby” – AKA The Apple TV – appears to be finally getting some much needed love in the Apple Store, as the beloved little square hockey puck now has a section of the store to call all its own.
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That’s it for today! Come back tomorrow, because if Apple is still here, we’ll be here too! Have a great evening folks!

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