Apple TV Gets Its Own Section in The Apple Store – WOO-HOO!

Apple TV Gets Its Own Section in The Apple Store – WOO-HOO!

Apple’s “hobby” – AKA The Apple TV – appears to be finally getting some much needed love in the Apple Store, as the beloved little square hockey puck now has a section of the store to call all its own.



The Apple TV is now promoted as a full product line alongside Macs, iPads, iPods, and iPhones. Previously, the Apple TV did not have its own section, and it was simply tucked away as an accessory in the dwindling iPod department.

In addition to its own section, Apple honored the Apple TV with a dedicated accessories area, AppleCare, a refurbished option, and even a community question and answer section.


We’re hoping all of this just confirms our report last week that Apple is prepping a new version of their set-top box, which is rumored to include gaming, Bluetooth controller support, and more.

9to5Mac also reports that they’ve been told that a new version of the Apple TV could be a combo Apple TV and AirPort Express device, including an integrated 802.11ac wireless router.

There have also been reports that the new Apple TV will have a bit of a focus on gaming, and may use existing iOS devices as controllers.

We can’t wait to see what Apple has up its sleeve, although todays “promotion” for the Apple TV seems to indicate something big is coming its way very soon!