The MacTrast News Digest for Monday, January 20, 2014

The MacTrast News Digest for Monday, January 20, 2014

Today we have passwords, Nintendo, iOS 7.1 betas, holiday iPad news, and most importantly, a Radio Shack newspaper ad from 1991!

And the #1 Worst Password for 2013 Is…
Sorry “password,” you are no longer the #1 worst password as of 2013. The big “winner” for the year is “123456″. (If your password is on this list, change it immediately. And then slap yourself, you deserve it.)
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H.H. Gregg Begins In-Store Pickup of Apple Devices – Celebrates With iPad Discounts
If you live in the eastern or midwest region of the U.S., you’re probably familiar with electronics/home appliances retailer H.H. Gregg. The retailer had just announced they’ll be offering in-store pickup of Apple devices for the first time in their history. (Discounts are almost as good as cake and ice cream… Almost.)
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Nintendo is Reportedly Considering Software for Smartphones
Nintendo’s horrendous 2013 Wii U sales numbers may finally have pushed the company to make the move that so many iOS users have been longing to see – The company may finally move into the smartphone games market. (This might not mean Mario on your iPhone just yet, so don’t get TOO excited…)
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Analysts Predict Apple Sold Record 55M iPhones in Fiscal Q1 2014
Apple is set to announce its quarterly earnings for fiscal Q1 2014 on January 27, 2014, so that means it’s the silly season for analysts to come out with their predictions about how many iPhones Apple sold last quarter. (This way, they get to set the bar real high, and then they get to write about how “Apple is doomed!” if sales figures aren’t near their “guesstimates.” Fun, right?)
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Apple Reportedly Readying iOS 7.1 Beta 4 Release to Developers As Soon as Tuesday (UPDATED: It’s Out!)
Apple released Beta 4 of iOS 7.1 to developers, a full day before we expected them to. MacRumors reports that the update has a build number of 11D5134c and is available via an over-the-air update or through Apple’s developer center website. Apple has also released new betas of Xcode 5.1, and the Apple TV software. (SURPRISE!)
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Almost Everything in This 1991 Radio Shack Ad Can Be Replaced by an iPhone!
A Huffington Post columnist recently bought a pile of Buffalo News fronts sections from 1991, and there, amongst the news of the first Gulf War, and the Buffalo Bills first-0ever Super Bowl appearance was an ad from Radio Shack. Big deal right? Well, it’s kind of cool to note that almost everything in this ad has basically been replaced by one device. The iPhone.
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Kenya Set to Spend $350K on iPads For Parliament Members, Staff
The Parliament of Kenya has announced it is set to spend nearly $350,000 on the purchase of approximately 450 iPads, which will be used by representatives and staff in the East African nation’s National Assembly and Senate.
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As Smartphone Market Matures, Q1 2014 Sales Expected to Dip From Q4 2013
In what could be taken as a sign that the global smartphone market is maturing, analysts at TrendForce project that sales from January through March will be about 5% lower than the fourth quarter of 2013. The first time sales will have dropped sequentially since 2011.
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Apple Requiring Anti-Cloning Provision For Any Patent Settlement Deal With Samsung
Apple is reportedly requiring that an anti-cloning provision be included in any patent settlement deal it makes with Samsung. (Hopefully the days of Samsung innovation via a photocopying machine are over…)
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Holiday Shoppers Chose iPad mini and iPad Air Models Over the iPad 2
Apple has seen its iPad Average Selling Price consistently drop over the past three years, so they are surely welcoming a report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners that shows both the iPad mini and full-size iPad Air making significant percentage gains in Apple’s iPad numbers.
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Not bad for an off day, eh? Have a great evening, and we’ll see you tomorrow morning, same bat-time, same bat-URL!