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One Man’s Musings – What’s Coming From Apple in 2014?

One Man’s Musings – What’s Coming From Apple in 2014?

As we begin a new year, we can’t help but wonder… Oh, wonder who… Who wrote the book of love? Wait that’s not right.

Actually, this is an Apple news site, so let’s muse, ponder, and speculate about what may be coming down the pipe from Apple in the year 2014.

MacTrast 2014

The iPhone 6 – Will It Be Bigger?

Let’s face it, we keep seeing rumors that Apple will finally give in to “demand” and produce a larger iPhone this year. I’m thinking this might be the year.

Apple may go larger, but let’s not get kooky and expect a “phablet.” If Apple does go bigger, it will be a small increment over the current size, not a leap. Rumors have pegged it at between 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Let’s say 4.7 inches. Maybe 5.

Oh… And no curved screen.

I think we can also feel comfortable saying the A8 will come along for the ride, with some of those processors finally coming from TSMC.

More memory, with a 128GB model finally making an appearance.

A bigger iPhone will be coming to an Apple Store near you in September.

A Larger iPad “Pro”

This one should be easy to simply ignore, but tablet sales are taking an ever increasing bite of computing sales, and a larger, 13-inch iPad, (not “Maxi”), could be another tool for Apple to use to keep prying open the door to the corporate world. They can’t rely on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) forever. That said, it won’t be a hybrid tablet/notebook device. Yet.

Apple will stick with their usual release cycle, and we’ll see a fall release.

An “Apple Television”

I’m still not feeling a full-fledged Apple Television from the folks at Cupertino, although I’d be the first in line to buy one if it was released.

I do think that they will finally do something cool with their little black box, perhaps gesture controls, or maybe they will finally open it up to developers, (insert obligatory Angry Birds mention here), maybe Siri will make an appearance. We can also expect more content deals as Apple inches it’s way towards its true vision for the Apple TV. Whatever THAT may be.

So…This year will be evolutionary for Apple’s little square puck, not revolutionary.

The iWatch

An article like this couldn’t be written without mentioning Apple’s long-rumored wearable tech device.

The iWatch will finally make an appearance this year. (And no, I’m NOT saying that just because I really, REALLY want one.) Apple reportedly ramped up development on this arm candy in 2013, with and has copyrighted the ‘iWatch’ name in multiple countries.

It wont be some pug-ugly device like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, and it may not be the end-all, control-all device some expect from the company. But, it’s a good bet that it will be a OLED, motion-detecting, step-counting little demon. And it’ll control your music on your iPhone, of course!

So, iWatch is a go this year. Maybe a spring release, just when everyone begins coming out of winter hibernation.

4K Display

Apple is currently offering a Sharp 4K display as an add-on with their new Mac Pro. Are they merely testing the waters to see if it turns out to be a popular option before offering their own? More likely, it’s just a way to offer an option they think users will want while preparing their own.

Then, it is “yes” to a 4K display this year, possibly alongside the introduction of new MacBook Pros.

What Else is Coming in 2014?

We can expect new Mac models across the line, excepting the Mac Pro of course, and Apple will most likely release a upgrade to OSX (“Calabasas” anyone?).

We’ll all be watching closely to see what new ideas Apple’s new SVP of of retail and online stores, Angela Ahrendts brings to the table. I’m thinking she’ll start working on a redesign of Apple’s admittedly long-in-the-tooth retail stores. But let’s let the nice lady get settled in before we speculate too much.

It’s Your Turn Now…

Ok, I’ve laid my predictions, speculations, and “Scientific Wild Assed Guesses” out for everyone to see. Now it’s your turn.

In the comments section below, I want you to tear apart my “predictions.” Tell me what I got wrong, what I got right, (if anything), and most importantly, tell me what YOU see Apple unveiling this year. Let’s hear it folks, what do you think about Apple’s upcoming year of 2014?

  1. digitalhomeboy says:

    Great musing I would surely say. Just about all the predictions of said is surely on the way.
    I, too have called for a 4.7″ iPhone 6. This stems from using a Nexus 4 earlier last year. I thought the size was spot on for screen real estate and for the comfort of typing. Going back to the iPhone 5 and now 5s, it just seemed like going backwards from a device size stand point. Though I truly wish for the 4.7″ size, this size doesn’t feel like it would be an Apple move. I believe they would go with either a 4.5″ or right to 5″ to avoid the fragmentation that plagues Android. I do favour 5″ and believe Apple will too as it is a marginal update for a screen for them but it would also be done for the consideration for ease of updating the plethora of apps from developers big and small.

    If we heard more prominent news of Apple and Liquid Metal (the company) I would have bet that this year we would see a curved display. iPhone. I don’t believe Apple is out there to play catch-up to other tech giants as so this isn’t in the game plan this year. If a curved display, while pretty it may be hinders the UI experience and all would be lost.

    iOS 7.1 has brought some interesting updates but it still feels too loose on space and still much the same. We will see some better improvements on the UI that won’t force users to dive into Settings to activate/turn-on such as button shapes. Updating the Control Panel to allow users to add their own shortcuts would be a welcome addition.

  2. Colonman says:

    Agree with all your comments. They may also bring out retina displays for the MacBook Airs

    I think we may see apple invest more in content this year. Perhaps I’m just fantasizing, but I’d like to see them purchase some major content, like the New York Times (recall Amazon bought the Washington Post). They could make it free for all users of their ecosystem. Would support the times as well as stimulate sales of tablets. Who wouldn’t love to have the NYT free with their iPad.

    I think they’ll bring out a simple 5 inch iPhone. And it will blow the competition away. Perhaps as early as the spring.

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