Winamp Lives – iOS App Coming Later This Year

Winamp Lives – iOS App Coming Later This Year

You may remember WinAmp, the music player that it seemed like everyone used back in the late ’90s. Well, it was supposed to shut down on December 21st, but it seems it has gotten a reprieve, as it is now 2014, and the service is still rocking. (And rolling, I assume.)


The Verge:

Following rumors of a potential Microsoft acquisition, Radionomy confirms that it has acquired the media player from its owner AOL along with Shoutcast, an internet radio broadcasting service that AOL also owned. The precise details of the deal are not public, but the Belgian publication De Tijd reports that AOL took a partial stake in Radionomy as part of a recent funding round. 

This follows WinAmp forum users noticing last month that the DNS entries for had been switched to Radionomy’s own servers. Radionomy was launched in late 2012 as a free service to allow user generated radio stations.

Radionomy owner Alexandre Saboundjian is aiming for the user count to “increase by a factor of 5 to 10” due to the acquisition, and says the company is developing a new Winamp app for both iOS and Android which is scheduled to debut later this year.

If you’d like to reacquaint yourself with the service, Winamp does offer a beta Winamp app for the Mac. [DIRECT LINK]