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Apple Grabs Numerous ‘.camera’ and ‘.photography’ Domain Names

Apple Grabs Numerous ‘.camera’ and ‘.photography’ Domain Names

Last week, Apple grabbed a number of the new “.guru” domains, as they were included in a batch of new generic top level domains that are bing launched over the coming months. Today, they’ve snagged some more.



That rollout is continuing this week, and Apple has wasted no time securing a number of additional domains in the new .camera and .photography families.  

Among the new domains registered by Apple:

  • aperture.camera and aperture.photography
  • apple.camera and apple.photography
  • facetime.camera and facetime.photography
  • imovie.camera and imovie.photography
  • iphoto.camera and iphoto.photography
  • isight.camera and isight.photography
  • photobooth.camera and photobooth.photography
  • retina.camera and retina.photography

Other new domains becoming available this week include: .equipment, .estate, .gallery, .graphics, and .lighting. MacRumors reports that while Apple has apparently placed blocks to prevent registering any of its trademarks such as apple.estate and macbook.lighting, the company has only registered domains in the .camera and .photography domains.

As with last weeks “.guru” grabs, Apple hasn’t activated any of the domain names it grabbed up, merely holding them from the use by others that might wish to capitalize on Apple’s trademarks.