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Apple Paid Out $2.6 Billion to Shareholders on Thursday

Apple Paid Out $2.6 Billion to Shareholders on Thursday

Apple paid out its quarterly dividend to its shareholders on Thursday, although its most recent buyback knocked around $85.4 million off the total cost of its total quarterly dividend payment.

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According to the last figures reported by YCharts.com, Apple had 891.99 million outstanding shares in mid January. However, since reporting record earnings in late January, Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook announced the company had taken advantage of short term trading panic to buy back $14 billion worth of its own stock.

Apple stock tumbled following its most recent earnings report, dropping $50 or so to around $500 for around a week. At that level, Apple’ $14 billion could have bought around 28 million shares, dropping Apple’s outstanding shares number to 860 million shares or so.

The remaining owners of those shares of stock received a $3.05 dividend per share, for a total of approximately $2.6 billion.


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