Apple Working on Fix for 2013 MacBook Air Sleep/Wake Crashes

Apple Working on Fix for 2013 MacBook Air Sleep/Wake Crashes

If your 11 or 13-inch 2013 MacBook Air has been crashing when you’ve awakened it from a sleep state, fear not. Apple has heard your cries and is preparing an update to remedy your woes.



According to multiple lengthy threads on the Apple Support Communities, 2013 MacBook Air users have been experiencing sleep/wake issues for several months. Crashes, freezes, and blank black screens are common after waking a MacBook Air from sleep, and fixing the problem requires a hard restart.

The problem is apparently related to OS X Mavericks, and involves a combination of the MacBook going to sleep and a press on the keyboard or touchpad to initiate it.

The authorized Apple service provider who informed MacRumors about the update notes that it appears there is a bug in the sensor that detects when the lid is being opened. The issue has lead to numerous returns and replacements, as it hasn’t been clear if the issue involved hardware, software, or a combination of both.

Confirmation comes from an Apple Support rep who says that a fix is in the works, and will most likely be part of the next OS X Mavericks update, version 10.9.2. A user on Apple’s support forums says beta 4 of 10.9.2 seems to fix at least part of the problem by preventing the machine from going to sleep when the power button is mis-tapped.

Until the fix is released, some users report that a restart seems to remedy the issue.