Flesky Makes Its Alternative iOS Keyboard Available Free to All Developers

Flesky Makes Its Alternative iOS Keyboard Available Free to All Developers

Fleksy has announced today that it is making its alternative iOS keyboard available to developers for use in their apps. It has updated its iOS SDK and released it out of private beta. Any developer can now include the Flesky keyboard as an additional keyboard option alongside the default keyboard on all iOS apps.

While some apps were already using the Flesky keyboard, numbers were limited, as it required a private partnership. It was first released in private beta in December 2013 with initial partners Wordbox, Google Voice Connect, Launch Center Pro and Blindsquare. The keyboard is due to be included in numerous apps due for release soon.

The Flesky SDK allows any developer to implement it in their app in just a few minutes, with zero lines of code and no changes to their app.

“We’re very excited to finally make our SDK available to hundreds of thousands of developers around the world. We learned a lot from the private beta and today’s release brings the most beautiful, streamlined 3rd-party keyboard experience yet for iOS” said Ioannis Verdelis, COO of Fleksy.

The Flesky keyboard uses patent-pending technology that analyzes where users tap their touchscreens to determine the words they intend to type.

If you’d like to try out the Flesky keyboard, the company offers a free app that allows you to try the keyboard out. The app is available in the App Store for both iPad and iPhone devices. [DIRECT LINK]

Developers wishing to integrate the Flesky keyboard into their own apps can download the SDK, and find out more about Flesky keyboard integration at the Flesky developer site.