MacTrast News Digest – February 18, 2014

MacTrast News Digest – February 18, 2014

hopTo-iconReview: hopTo – The Multitasking Enabled Workspace
The one glaring weakness mentioned by both detractors and supporters of the iPad is its lack of Microsoft Office. While Apple’s own iWork suite makes up for much of this shortcoming, it still has a ways to go. Enter hopTo.

clear_iconPopular Tasks and To-Do List App Clear to Go Free for a 24-Hour Period
Realmac, maker of the popular tasks and to-do list apps Clear+ and Clear, has elected to return to a single universal Clear app, and will also be offering the Clear app free for two 24-hour periods.

Apple Patent Thumb LogoApple Patents: Headphones That Measure Your Vitals
Another indication of Apple’s interest in the fitness and health monitoring field is a patent granted on Tuesday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent describes a biometric headphone system that can sense a variety of body functions, including temperature, heart rate, and perspiration levels.

Touch_ID_iconThere are at Least 1.6 Trillion Reasons Apple Should Introduce a Touch ID Payment System
Apple CEO Tim Cook has long noted how important China is to his company’s future. He has visited the country multiple times, meeting with business partners and government officials.

iAd ThumbMadison Ave. Execs Say Apple and Amazon are Slow, Cocky, and Too Stingy With Customer Data
Madison Avenue ad buyers say that Apple and Amazon are missing out on ad revenue, because they are “slow, cocky and downright stingy.” This comes from a recent posting from industry publication Ad Age.

SteveJobsjunkSee The Steve Jobs Portrait Made Out of 20 Pounds of E-Waste
Eclectic San Francisco artist Jason Mecier has just unveiled his portrait of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The eclectic part? It’s composed out of 20 pounds of electronic waste!

iPhone 5S fingerprintSamsung Galaxy S 5 Reportedly to Include Swipe-Style Fingerprint Scanner
In another “me too” move that Samsung has become so well known for, South Korean electronics maker Samsung will reportedly include a fingerprint reader in its upcoming flagship Galaxy 5S handset.


Apple ‘Your Verse’ Mini Site Adds Mountain Climbing ‘Verse’
Apple’s “Your Verse” iPad mini site has had a new “verse” added to it on Tuesday. The new story highlights the iPad’s use in professional mountain climbing.