Kickstarter Follow-Up: Padcaster Heads Back to Kickstarter to Go Mini

Kickstarter Follow-Up: Padcaster Heads Back to Kickstarter to Go Mini

UPDATE: On February 18th, the Padcaster mini reached it’s funding goal, and has since continued to receive support from anxious iPad videographers.

Almost 2 years ago, in early 2012, we introduced you to an awesome case for iPad called the Padcaster.  Essentially, it allows you to mount your iPad 2/3/4 (and now, Air) to a tripod, provides all the necessary mount points for extraneous cold shoes, microphones, lights, and other video related gear, and includes an awesome attachment (the lenscaster) for connecting a wide angle or telephoto lens to the back of your iPad. Padcaster_mini_2

A Padcaster for iPad mini:

Fast forward to the fall of 2013, the folks behind the Padcaster opened up a Kickstarter to turn this into a more mass-produced item, as well as to introduce an iPad mini version, which we featured as our “Kickstarter of the Week” back in mid-October. Falling short by more than 75%, they decided to let the holidays roll by, and have now relaunched their iPad mini kickstarter with a much lower pledge goal, and a feather in their cap, thanks to Apple’s latest “Verses” campaign.

As seen in the commercial, a man is using an iPad to shoot video of a waterfall, utilizing the unique Padcaster frame and, presumably, the iPad Air.  With the extremely appealing form factor of the iPad mini, it seems only fitting that their endeavors to create a scaled down version of the same tool should see the light of day. Padcaster_mini_1 As of right now, their new Kickstarter project is over 2/3 funded (having over $10,000 or their $15,000 goal accounted for) and a cool 23 days to go to achieve funding.  And do think you have to drop $100 or more to contribute to this campaign? No. While $99 will score you a Padcaster mini and a t-shirt, there are options for $50, $25, $10, and $1 – each with their own unique or interesting reward ($10 for a t-shirt isn’t a bad deal, right?). Or maybe you’re a big spender, and looking for a sweet way to start your own iPad-centered video production studio.  For $750, you can trick out your Padcaster with tons of sweet gear, including a mic, light, audio interface, and monopod (this is actually a fantastic deal when you consider what all you’re getting).

With the huge emphasis on mobile devices replacing expensive, bulky cameras and video rigs, the Padcaster really is carving the way to make the iPad a relevant tool in video production.  Paired with an iPad mini, the whole experience gets a little more compact, a little more portable, and just as impressive!  Get all the details below, and be sure to show them support on Kickstarter!