Report: Apple Planning March Release for iOS 7.1

Report: Apple Planning March Release for iOS 7.1

A report today says that Apple is prepping iOS 7.1, the first significant update for Apple’s iOS since iOS 7, for a March release.



The iOS 7.1 update is said to not have any “secret features,” and it will basically be what we have been told to expect by the past five betas: some user-interface tweaks in the Phone app, an improved Calendar app, speed improvements, and numerous bug-fixes.

There’s no firm release date, however, an event in March to introduce iOS 7.1, perhaps alongside a next-generation Apple TV (hope, hope, hope…) is possible.

Previous reports have mentioned iOS 7.1 betas have included various improvements, such as refined icons for Phone, FaceTime, and the Messages app, keyboard tweaks, a “Button Shapes” option in the Accessibility options, and a refinement of the iOS in the Car feature. We won’t know until release day which of these features will make the cut in the public version.