Review: The TaskLab TaskOne – A Multi-Tool iPhone Case

Review: The TaskLab TaskOne – A Multi-Tool iPhone Case

Be prepared, that’s the Boy Scout motto, and if you’re a scout with an iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5/5s, you could do much worse than to carry your device around in TaskLab’s TaskOne multi-tool iPhone case.



The TaskOne iPhone case is a protective case for your iPhone that also contains 22 tools in the case. Kind of a Swiss-Army case for your phone.

The TaskOne is made of high-impact polycarbonate material, and does a good job of protecting your iPhone from the day’s usual drops and scratches. The case secures itself via four allen screws to your iPhone via a band that surrounds the iPhone and the protective back, which also holds all of the tools included with the case.

Oddly enough, none of the allen wrenches in the case worked with the screws, however TaskLab does include an allen wrench and 2 extra screws with the case. Good thing too, as I’m thinking lost screws might be an issue while either putting on, or removing the case. Or maybe that’s just my fat fingers.


The multi-tools that are included with the TaskOne are:

  • 2.5” knife with 0.75” of serrations
  • 1.8” Saw blade
  • Small and large flathead screwdrivers
  • Medium Phillips screwdriver
  • Pliers with 3-6mm box wrenches
  • Wire cutters
  • 6 metric Allen wrenches (Bike Sizes 2.5-6mm)
  • Spoke wrenches (0.127 & 0.130)
  • Wire stripper
  • 120mm ruler
  • Bottle opener
  • Kickstand

While I didn’t get a chance to use every tool on the case, I did take the opportunity to whittle and saw with the knife blade and the saw blade. While I’m not sure how long the blades would stand up to repeated use, the knife and saw blade worked as advertised, cutting cleanly through twigs and small branches. It also served well in a pinch as a cigar cutter.

One note, the knife could also be used as a weapon, and it looks as if it would be up to the task, which is a good reason NOT to have this case on your phone if you’re planning on passing through any TSA checkpoints at the airport.

I found the kickstand, (which is the flathead screwdriver, inserted into one of two slots, for either portrait or landscape viewing of your iPhone’s screen), to be a little shaky at best, but I suppose it could serve well in a pinch.

My only concern while trying out the TaskOne was the fact that during the use of the tools, your iPhone is right there in the middle of it. So, while I like the TaskOne, I’m not sure I’d use it for anything but the lightest of tasks.


I like the idea behind the TaskOne, but I found myself mostly using the knife as a letter opener, and I used the pliers a few times, but as a rule, it mostly served as a nice, protective iPhone case that surprisingly didn’t add much in the way of bulk or weight.

The tools in the TaskOne stayed securely inside the case, and were easily accessed when needed. I would recommend the TaskOne to anyone who finds themselves in need of light-duty tools. However, I honestly don’t see it taking the place of a Leatherman or other multi-tool.

I myself was reluctant to put the TaskOne through much heavy usage, as the iPhone is right there when you’re using the tools, and I was concerned about the phone’s screen.


Price: $74.95 for the iPhone 5/5s version, or $79.95 for the iPhone 4/4S version. Both available at the TaskOne website.


  • Handy tools, when you need them.
  • The case also does a good job of protecting your iPhone.
  • The case doesn’t add much in the way of bulk or weight over other protective cases.


  • Could be considered a bit pricey, although many users will find it a bargain for the extra utility.
  • I’d be concerned about using the tools for anything a bit heavy duty, just because anything you do with the TaskOne, your iPhone, and its screen are right there at ground zero.

  1. Tyler says:

    They could use some more work with this. It’s good, I admit, but has the case really been tested protective? My friend’s phone cracked from dropping it, so I’m not convinced yet.

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