Rumor: Apple is Developing “Healthbook” App for iOS 8

Rumor: Apple is Developing “Healthbook” App for iOS 8

Apple is reportedly developing a new app called “Healthbook” to be released alongside iOS 8 that collects information about a users health, which will include fitness statistics from the M7 processor, and possibly from a new wearable product.



The “Healthbook” application is said to take multiple user interface cues from Apple’s own Passbook app, which is software for storing loyalty cards, coupons, and other materials normally stored in physical wallets.

The new health and fitness application’s interface is a stack of cards that can be easily swiped between. Each card represents a different fitness or health data point. The prototype logo for “Healthbook” is similar to Passbook’s icon, but it is adorned with graphics representing vital signs.

Healthbook will be a preinstalled app, tracking data points that include a user’s blood pressure, heart rate, and possibly other statistics such as glucose levels and hydration.

The report also says Apple is designing iOS 8 with the ‘iWatch” in mind. Their sources suggest the iWatch and iPhone work very closely together to monitor a user’s health.

The report also suggests the iWatch may also include the ability to measure statistics such as glucose levels and heart rate. 9to5Mac says its sources suggest Apple has been able to combine several health sensors into one chipset.

iOS 8 is expected to be previewed at WWDC in June, while 9t05Mac says the iWatch would debut alongside new models of the iPhone in the second half of the year.