Rumor: Apple Will Debut 8GB iPhone 5c This Week

Rumor: Apple Will Debut 8GB iPhone 5c This Week

An purported internal email from a German wireless carrier indicates Apple is planning to debut an 8GB version of its iPhone 5c, possibly as soon as this week.


News of the addition to Apple’s handset lineup first appeared in a reported internal email from German wireless carrier O2. The handset will be offered for €509 ($707), €60 under the current 569 ($791) cost of the 16-gigabyte model. The email was obtained by German blog (Via AppleInsider.)

There is no word on how this might affect availability of the iPhone 4S, which is currently the only iPhone generally available in an 8GB capacity. (Note: Apple does still offer the iPhone 4 8GB model, but only in developing markets such as India.)

Sales of the iPhone 5c are generally believed to have fallen short of the levels expected at its debut, as customers have opted for the high-end iPhone 5s model.

UPDATE: 03/17/2014 – Engadget has received a photo that is said to be of the 8GB 5c’s packaging, “confirming that the device is in hand.”


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