Meet hereO: The First GPS Watch Designed for Young Kids

Meet hereO: The First GPS Watch Designed for Young Kids

It’s a parents worst nightmare. Your small child has disappeared, and is nowhere to be found. What do you do? Enter the hereO GPS watch. The hereO is the first GPS watch made for small children three years old and up.

The watch, which is designed to fit a small child’s wrist comfortably, and comes in a variety of colors, with entertaining graphics that make them fun to wear. The watch is water resistant, and is designed to stand up to a little one’s rough and tumble lifestyle.

The hereO GPS watch comes complete with a built-in SIM-Card, which automatically connects to a local carrier in more than 140 countries with no roaming fees.

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The hereO Family mobile device app can then be used to know the real-time whereabouts of not only the child wearing the device, but also other family members that have the app loaded on their device. Users can send messages, make calls, and even receive directions to a family member’s location, all via the app.


The hereO watch is currently on Indiegogo in an attempt to drum up funding for the device, and is available at an Early Bird Special price of $99. The hereO Family app should be available free in the iOS App Store in mid-April.

For more information about the hereO GPS watch for kids, visit their Indiegogo website today.