Take a Peek Inside the Room Where the Original iPhone Was Born

Take a Peek Inside the Room Where the Original iPhone Was Born

In what appears to be an effort to gain the high ground in the battle for the public’s hearts and minds just ahead of the upcoming patent battle between Apple and Samsung, the Cupertino firm is allowing details to slip out about the development of the original iPhone.


Apple senior software engineer Greg Christie discussed the development of the original iPhone with The Wall Street Journal, and Apple has also shared a shot of the secret windowless room that Christie mentions in his interview.

The room, where the original iPhone meetings took place, is though of as “hallowed ground” by Christie, who was one of the first Apple employees recruited to work on the top secret handset.

It doesn’t mean that the windowless room, lit by fluorescent lights hanging from the ceiling, looked like anything special. Christie recalled the walls had signs of water damage from a flood in an adjacent bathroom. A few images covered the walls including one of Apple’s “Think Different” posters of famous graphic designer Paul Rand and another of a large chicken running around without its head.

“Think Different.” Yeah, the iPhone team definitely took that to heart…

(Via 9to5Mac)