Philips Announces New Hue Products – All-White Bulbs, 3D Luminaries, More

Philips Announces New Hue Products – All-White Bulbs, 3D Luminaries, More

Friday saw an announcement from Philips regarding three new products for their hue wireless lighting ecosystem. The new additions to the family include a white-only hue lux smart bulb, 3D-printed artistic luminaires, and a battery-free wireless light switch call the hue tap.


Hue luminaires

Let’s cover the ultra-cool 3D-printer hue luminaires first. Philips says these are the world’s first 3D-printed smart luminaires. “Fusing the worlds of light, art and technology, these luminaires allow limitless light effects, bringing a piece of art to your living room.”

The designs incorporate hue bulbs with 3D-printed shapes and are available in both pendant and table styles. They are controllable via the iOS app, and are fully compatible with the hue ecosystem.

The 3D-printed Philips hue table and pendant luminaires are made exclusively to pre-order at, beginning March, 31st 2014 for: pendant EUR 2.999 (around $4,126) and table EUR 2.499 (around $3,438).


Hue lux

Hue lux is a bright white-only version of hue. The lux is compatible with the vast range of hue apps and hardware, and is controllable via your smartphone or tablet.

“Hue lux is another entry point for people who are ready for the connected home,” comments Filip Jan Depauw, Senior Director, Philips Lighting. “Hue lux offers personal wireless functional lighting, giving users perfect control over their homes by reinventing the dimmer switch and giving you control via an array of apps. Hue lux makes your everyday activity even brighter, with the ability to operate up to 50 bulbs with each smart bridge, once you have the kit, your connected lighting experience is completely scalable: you can add any hue-compatible product to any room in your home.”

Each starter kit contains two hue lux bulbs and a hue bridge, is $99.95. Each additional bulb is $39.95, and both will be available in North America and Europe at selected retail outlets after summer 2014, and will be accompanied by a new app update.


Hue tap

The hue tap is a clever little switch which makes controlling your favorite hue light scenes even easier. The switch is kinetic-powered. so no batteries are needed. It has a remarkable zero watts of power consumption and needs no power source.

When you prefer not to use your mobile device to turn the lights on, you can simply “tap the tap.” You can also put your favorite scene creations from the hue app, or any groups of lights onto one of the four tap buttons, and cycle to the one you want.

“Hue tap is the perfect solution for users who want to control their personal wireless lighting with yet more convenience,” remarks Filip Jan Depauw, Senior Director, Philips Lighting. “It is more than just a modern take on the wall switch – it combines easy-to-use traditional lighting control with the smart, intuitive, fun world of hue.”

Philips hue tap requires the hue bridge found with all starter kits for hue and Friends of hue products. Hue tap is available after summer in North America and Europe at selected retail outlets for US $59.95 / €59.95 (RRP).