Review: Amped Wireless BTSA1 Long-Range Bluetooth Adapter

Review: Amped Wireless BTSA1 Long-Range Bluetooth Adapter

The world is full of Bluetooth enabled speakers. But what if you’ve gotten a little tired of listening to your music on what is usually a smaller, admittedly limited-range speaker? What if you want to listen to the music from your Bluetooth enabled device on your better sounding home sound system or theater setup? Enter the Amped Wireless BTSA1 Long-Range Bluetooth Adapter.



The Amped Wireless BTSA1 Long-Range Bluetooth Adapter allows you to use any non-Bluetooth speaker or sound system that has 3.5mm and RCA audio jacks as a Bluetooth streaming speaker.

The BTSA1 also boasts a long-range antenna that is designed to extend the range of your Bluetooth connection. Amped claims it can extend the range up to 2X a far as a normal Bluetooth connection.

The BTSA1 box contains the small, black BTSA1 device, (4-in long, 2.75-in deep, and 1-in tall), a screw-on antenna, a power supply, and a cable that is RCA male on one end and 3.5mm male on the other.

The BTSA1’s small black design should allow it to blend in to almost any home stereo/theater setup. It blended in perfectly with mine, which sits on the stand under my HDTV.


Setup is easy-peasy. Screw on the antenna, connect the BTSA1 to your home stereo, or non-Bluetooth speaker via the included cable, plug in the power adapter, then push the connect button on the front of the unit until the light on the front of the unit starts blinking blue. Then it’s merely a matter of finding the device listed on our Bluetooth enabled music source, and connect.

Music streamed cleanly and continuously from my iPhone 5s to the BTSA1. I have a fairly good sized 2-bedroom apartment, and I was able to walk all over the apartment, even into the bedroom’s walk-in closets, and the Bluetooth never lost connection. I have at least 4 Bluetooth speakers scattered around my apartment, and none of them could keep a steady connection from one end of the apartment to the other, The BTSA1 never faltered.


The $69.99 Amped Wireless BTSA1 Long-Range Bluetooth Adapter is an excellent solution for music lovers who already have a sound system or speaker set that they love, and want to use wirelessly with their Bluetooth enabled music source.

While I’m not sure the range of the Bluetooth signal is actually extended 2X, it is extended by a good amount. The music stream plays steadily, with none of the dropouts I’ve experienced with Bluetooth speakers.


Price: $69.99 – Available at the Amped Wireless website, and


  • Easy setup.
  • Extends the range of your Bluetooth connection.
  • Sounds great, never dropped the connection.


  • I have to return it after I finish my review.