Presenting a Beautiful Smartwatch Concept That Makes Sense

Presenting a Beautiful Smartwatch Concept That Makes Sense

Hungarian freelance designer Gábor Balogh has come up with an elegant design for a smartwatch that looks like it could deliver the features most of us want in a smartwatch, while allowing it to remain a stylish watch.


The Verge has published some of his designs, and had an opportunity to talk with the designer about his designs.

Balogh’s concept takes Swedish watchmaker Triwa’s Havana timepiece and replaces its face with a circular display. “In this concept the UI does not have a predefined style,” says Balogh, “but it would match the housing. Only the navigational patterns have to be taken into consideration.”


The watch would include appropriate icons, with notifications, maps, music information, and other type of info displayed from the smartphone it was paired to. If no notifications or other information are available for display, the watchface resembles any other high-end fashion watch.


More shots of the watchface, and more information about the designer’s mockups can be found at The Verge.