How To Bookmark Locations and Directions in Apple Maps in iOS and OS X

How To Bookmark Locations and Directions in Apple Maps in iOS and OS X

Apple’s Maps app is a great way to get driving directions on both your Mac and your iOS device. You can even send directions from your Mac to your iOS device for use when you’re on the go. In this how-to, we’ll show you how easy it is to bookmark a location or directions for use later when using Apple Maps.

Saving a Location on Your iOS Device


When you have a location you want to save on your iOS device for later, just tap the information icon of the location you want to save. (It looks like a lower-case “i” with a circle around it.)  Then, either tap the sharing button at the top of the Location pop-up, and then tap “Add Bookmark,” or scroll down in the Location pop-up and tap “Add Bookmark.” Enter a name for the bookmark, and tap “Save.”


Now, whenever you want to find a bookmarked location, simply tap “Bookmarks” in the upper right-hand corner of the Maps screen and select the proper bookmark. If you need directions to the bookmarked location from your current site, simply tap the car icon in the location balloon, and Apple Maps will display a suggested route.

Saving a Location on Your Mac

When you have a location you want to save in Apple Maps on your Mac for use later, just click the sharing button in the menu bar at the top of the Apple Maps screen. then click, “Add Bookmark.” The location will be saved in the bookmarks section.


Later, to access the bookmarked location, just click the bookmarks icon in the top menu bar. (It looks like a little open book.)

Saving Driving directions is a similar process. After you have your directions displaying in Apple Maps, click the sharing button, and click “Add Bookmark.” Then you can access your driving directions by clicking the bookmarks icon.


Saving locations and driving directions as bookmarks allows easy access to the information at a later date.