Our Favorite April Fools’ 2014 Jokes

Our Favorite April Fools’ 2014 Jokes

It’s April Fools’ Day 2014, and true to form, many sites and companies are rolling out their gags. Here’s a few of our favorites…


This one is my personal favorite, this video is from men’s clothing company Bonobos, and it “promotes” its “wearables” line, “Techstyles.” (Get it?)


Project funding website Kisckstarter announced that it would be removing the “e” from its name.


“By changing back to Kickstartr sitewide, we reduce load time and bandwidth use across the board. Based on our current user base and daily page loads, dropping the “e” will actually save us (and you) a collective 14 TB of data usage annually. We’ve reduced our site’s carbon footprint by over 9%, and we didn’t even have to switch our font to Garamond.”

iFixit is Bought by Apple

How-to-fix-it site iFixit, they of the popular iOS and Mac tear-downs, “announced” their acquisition by Apple.


“‘Everyone has a number’, admitted Kyle Wiens, iFixit’s CEO. ‘I didn’t think there was a reasonable number that would make me say, ‘You know I was going to change the world with repair documentation but here’s a number.’’ In the end, Apple gave us a number that we couldn’t refuse.”

Twelve South

Twelve South, maker of some of the most beautiful cases and accessories ever made for Apple devices, “introduced” their “BookBook for the iMac” via Twitter this morning.


Sphero’s SelfieBot

Sphero, makers of the popular iOs controlled balls, sent out an email this morning “announcing” the development of the “SelfieBot.”

“Today we’re excited to introduce #SelfieBot – the autonomous flying robot that shoots photos of you in high-definition.”

There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that the NSA attempted to purchase the entire production run of the SelfieBot after Director General Keith Alexander received the email about the device.

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