GameStop Announces Aggressive Expansion of ‘Simply Mac’ Retail Store Chain

GameStop Announces Aggressive Expansion of ‘Simply Mac’ Retail Store Chain

The Star-Telegram reports that video game retailer GameStop is making moves to broaden its business, and will be expanding its retail operation to include stores that will focus on Apple products and accessories, and AT&T Mobility products.



While the diversification will include a move into AT&T mobile services through GameStop’s acquisition of Spring Mobile, of more interest for Apple users is GameStop’s plans for Simply Mac, a chain of authorized Apple resale and repair shops that focuses on smaller markets where Apple has not shown interest in opening its own stores.

The Simply Mac chain was founded in Utah in 2006, and grew to eight stores by October 2012. GameStop acquired a 49.9% stake in the Apple reseller at that time. November 2013 saw GameStop exercise its option to purchase the rest of the operation, which now numbers 23 stores, mostly in locations in the western United States.

GameStop CEO Paul Raines says GameStop’s confidence in the continued growth of Simply Mac and Spring Mobile is encouraged by their strong ties to industry leaders Apple and AT&T.

Steve Bain and Jason Ellis, the executives who built Simply Mac and Spring Mobile, continue to run the operations for GameStop and see strong growth opportunities. After opening 23 stores this year, Bain said, the company plans to open 50 more Simply Mac stores in 2015.

While pushing to open almost 75 Simply Mac stores by the end of 2015, GameStop is planning on downsizing its video games operation, closing up to 130 of its 6,400 GameStop stores sometime this year. Although video games will continue to be GameStop’s main focus, CFO Rob Lloyd believes the company’s two new technology brands could generate up to $1 billion in revenue and contribute up to 10% of GameStop’s revenue by 2016.