New MacBook Airs Likely to Launch On Tuesday

New MacBook Airs Likely to Launch On Tuesday

New MacBook Air laptops are likely to debut in store on Tuesday. “Multiple sources” say shipments of the new MacBook Airs have begun arriving in large quantities in Apple Stores around the U.S.



Another source adds that Apple Stores are scheduled to re-arrange the placement of Macs in stores to focus on the MacBook Air tomorrow morning…

While a MacBook Pro with a thinner profile, no cooling fan, and a Retina display is reportedly in the works, that computer will not be a part of tomorrow’s update. Tomorrow’s 11-inch and 13-inch Airs are codenamed J41A and J43A, respectively, and their SKUs are just a variation to the current MacBook Air SKU labels.

Tomorrow’s update is likely to focus on adding Intel’s latest Haswell chips, which offer minor speed increases. Apple may also tweak the MacBook Air’s storage options for the update.

If/when the new MacBook Air’s arrive in the store, we’ll be sure to give you all the details.