New Video Compares iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanners

New Video Compares iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanners

Apple was the first to the show with their Touch ID fingerprint Sensor on the iPhone 5s in the fall of 2013, now Samsung is featuring its own brand of fingerprint recognition with a scanner built-in to its new Samsung Galaxy S5, which will be released on April 11th.


A new YouTube video from Tanner Marsh compares Touch ID on iPhone 5s with the fingerprint scanner of the upcoming Galaxy S5, walking through the process of setting up fingerprint recognition on both devices and comparing and contrasting some of the available functionality.

While both devices feature fingerprint scanners, the usage of the scanners couldn’t be more different, with Apple’s Touch ID featuring a round home button that allows you to lay a registered digit on the button and have it scanned, while the Galaxy S5’s sensor is activated with a swiping motion from base to tip.

To further compare, Touch ID is setup by placing the desired finger on the home button multiple times to register a fingerprint, while Samsung’s setup involves multiple swipes downward over the home button.

Marsh’s video displays some of the issues he experienced with the S5’s fingerprint sensor, noting the way you’re required to swipe your finger makes swiping your fingerprint almost impossible with a single hand.

As for the iPhone 5s, he notes that since setup of Touch ID involves capturing multiple scans of your finger in various positions, you can unlock the iPhone from almost any position.