For One Day, Google Will Let Anyone in The US be a Glasshole

For One Day, Google Will Let Anyone in The US be a Glasshole

Google is reportedly ready to allow anyone in the US to be a glasshole. The offer will only be available for one day, and of course you’ll still need the $1,500 to pay for your Google Glass headset.


The Verge:

The Verge has obtained documents indicating that the company will open up its “Explorer Program” and make Glass available to anyone who wants to purchase a pair, possibly as soon as next week. It’ll be a limited-time offer, only available for about a day, and only US residents will be eligible to purchase the $1,500 device.

The documents indicate Google will also include a free sunglass shade or one of its newly-introduced prescription glasses frames along with the purchase.

An internal Google slide indicates the promotion may be announced on April 15th, although details have yet to be finalized. The slide also makes it clear that this is not a full consumer release, merely an expansion of its existing Explorer program.

Google first began accepting pre-orders for Google Glass back in 2012 at Google I/O. 2,000 orders were placed then, with another 8,000 users getting their heads inside a headset through a promotion later that year that had consumers telling Google what they would do with their own Glass headset.