Review: Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter – Play Your Music to Any Speaker or Stereo System

Review: Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter – Play Your Music to Any Speaker or Stereo System

I love the variety of Bluetooth speakers that are available on the market today. I have a small Bluetooth capable speaker in every room of my home. However, sometimes I just want the room-filling sound that only my home theater system can give my music. Enter the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter.



The Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter is a small, square device made of black plastic that allows you to wirelessly use your Bluetooth-enabled device with any non-Bluetooth speaker or stereo system.

The Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter measures in at 2-inches square, standing about 1-inch tall, so it is easily hidden in any home theater or sound setup. The adapter comes with a power adapter, and an audio cable that is RCA to 3.5mm. The adapter itself also includes both RCA and 3.5mm outputs, so it can be connected to almost any speaker or home sound system.

I had the Logitech adapter out of the box, hooked up to my home theater system, and wirelessly connected to my iPhone in less than five minutes. I would have had it all setup sooner, but my cat, Dino, decided to help.

Connecting to the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter via Bluetooth was easy-peasy. I simply tapped the pairing button on top of the adapter, and then went into “Settings” -> “Bluetooth” on my iPhone and looked for device listed as “Logitech BT Adapter” in the list. I tapped that selection, and my iPhone immediately connected to the Logitech adapter.


I played music from my iTunes library, iTunes Radio, Amazon Cloud Player, Pandora, and a few other sources, and everything sounded great. I was able to really crank up the sound on the stereo, and the music came through with no distortion.

I was also able to walk through my two bedroom apartment with my iPhone in my pocket and experienced a momentary disconnect with the Bluetooth signal only when I was at the farthest point away from my home theater system. (Logitech recommends staying within 50 feet for a reliable connection. It easily did that.)

The adapter also automatically connects back to your device when you get within range, which was a nice touch, as I am continually scrolling through a list of Bluetooth speakers, trying to figure out which speaker is which when I want to listen to music.



The Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter is an excellent choice if you have a set of speakers or a home stereo system that doesn’t already have Bluetooth capabilities built-in, and you want to listen to music on your iPhone or iPad without being tethered to the speaker or system. For just under 40 bucks, this adapter can fit into almost anyone’s budget.

Rating: 4.5/5.0[rating:4.5]

Price: $39.99 – Available at the Logitech website, and via

What I really liked:

  • Quick and easy to connect. You’re up and running within minutes.
  • Everything you need to connect is in the box.
  • Bluetooth discovery and connection was quick and reliable.
  • Reconnects automatically whenever you’re in range.