Beats Releases New Solo2 ON-Ear Headphones

Beats Releases New Solo2 ON-Ear Headphones

Beats Electronics has announced the release of what may be their final pair of non-Apple influenced headphones, with the release of a new version of their popular on-ear cans. The Beats Solo² offers a new design, and improved acoustics.


An early review from Engadget (via MacRumors) gives the impression that the new headphones tone down the bass a bit, giving a “more balanced” sound than previous Beats headphones that have been criticized for their bass-heavy sound.

Well, the best way I can describe the sound here is “more balanced.” Don’t get me wrong: There’s still plenty of bass when tunes call for it, but you can also clearly pick up other elements — things like hi-hats, snares and others all seem to stand out more when compared to previous releases.

The new cans include a sleeker, more polished look, with no visible screws, and higher quality materials than its predecessor. The Wall Street Journal reports that acoustics have also been improved, and the headset’s ear cups reportedly sit at a more comfortable angle, and block out more background noise.

Going forward, Beat’s designs will likely be influenced by Apple’s design and marketing teams, so it will be interesting to see where their headphones will go from here.

The new Beats Solo² headphones are available now for pre-order from Beats’ website, and Best Buy, and will arrive in retail stores beginning June 1. Pricing will be $199. The new headphones are available in a variety of colors including pink, blue, gray, white and red.

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