Eddy Cue: 20M Apple TVs Sold to Date, Says Current TV Experience ‘Sucks’

Eddy Cue: 20M Apple TVs Sold to Date, Says Current TV Experience ‘Sucks’

Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue on Wednesday revealed that Apple has sold 20 million Apple TVs so far, and the company had earned more than $1 billion from sales of its set-top streaming box in fiscal 2013. Cue’s comments came during his appearance at Re/code’s inaugural Code Conference



Among the expected music-related topics discussed during Re/code’s talk with Cue and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine, a brief exchange on the future of Apple TV yielded interesting insight into what Apple once called a “beloved hobby.”

While discussing the tumultuous relationship between Hollywood and Silicon Valley, Re/code’s Walt Mossberg asked Cue about Apple’s “TV” business, and what plans the company has to innovate in the sector.

Cue commented that “the TV experience sucks,” calling modern devices such as the DVR “glorified VCRs.” Cue noted that TV is a “complicated landscape” due to the number of parties involved. He contrasted it to the music industry, where content rights are more straightforward.

While refusing to share any information on possible future TV-related products, Cue did say that the impetus to make a change is there, saying TV should be more accessible and user-friendly. He then mentioned how watching a certain TV program on his iPad was difficult, and in some cases impossible to do so.

Cue says the Apple TV will evolve this year, as it adds more content sources.

Cue talked about the Apple TV as a business, revealing that over 20 million of the set-top streaming boxes have been sold so far, and how it has brought in more than $1 billion in revenue for Apple in 2013. Both numbers are expected to grow in 2014.

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