MacTrast Deals: The 10Ft Bungee Lightning Charging Cable

MacTrast Deals: The 10Ft Bungee Lightning Charging Cable

If you’re like me, you enjoy using your iPhone while vegging on the couch at the end of the day. However, after a full day’s use, my iPhone’s battery can certainly use a charge. The problem is, the location of my couch, vis-à-vis the nearest electrical outlet makes for using while charging difficult, if not possible. Oh, if I only had a longer, tangle-free cable…

Enter our MacTrast Deals feature deal of the day: The 10Ft Bungee Lightning Charging Cable.


Get the The 10Ft Bungee Lightning Charging Cable for only $11.99!


Your usual prepackaged USB charging cable gets the job done for a short time. But after a month or so of life on the go, you find it damaged, knotted and unreliable. This 10 ft charging cable solves all those annoying problems with ease.

With USB 2.0 technology, you will get a reliable charge every time, there is no need to worry about whether your cord will work or if it has taken to much wear and tear.

Plus, with a 10 ft reach, you can practically charge your device anywhere in the room. No more huddling down around your short cords!



The resistant nylon material is strong enough to keep damage away and the cord from tangling, so you won’t get the mess or the headache from for all your wild times.

Its 10ft length is exactly what you need to keep charged but still have room to move around comfortably. Time to upgrade your charging life with a versatile cord you will have trouble breaking.


  • High speed USB 2.0 technology
  • Tangle-free bungee cord design
  • Tear proof reinforced nylon
  • 10ft long cord range

Get the The 10Ft Bungee Lightning Charging Cable for only $11.99!


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