Osmo Turns Real-World Objects Into Digital Games on The iPad

Osmo Turns Real-World Objects Into Digital Games on The iPad

A group of former Googlers – who are also parents – have come up with a really cool way to integrate real-world objects with digital play on the iPad. Osmo takes everyday objects – such as clay, plastic letters and numbers, and even toothpicks – and makes them part of the digital interaction on the screen of your child’s iPad.


Osmo consists of a unique new reflective camera, game pieces and mobile apps that incorporate an iPad into the game in a whole new way. Osmo expands gameplay beyond the screen, transforming the physical space in front of the tablet into an interactive environment that turns any object into a digitally connected game piece or even captures physical drawings and makes them digital in real time.

“As people are flocking to virtual reality, we’re pioneering actual reality – unleashing experiences that go beyond digital screens,” says Pramod Sharma, CEO and co-founder of Osmo.

For Osmo to be truly appreciated, you must view the above video, it shows the interaction possible between children, real-world objects, and an iPad better than words could ever hope to tell.

Osmo is launching with three games, built from the ground up and designed for children ages 6-12:

  • Newton: What do Grandma’s glasses, your hands, and pen & paper all have in common? They’re all physical tools that are at the whim of your limitless creativity while playing Newton. Grab anything around you to build structures that magically become part of the game; guiding on screen bouncing balls to hit targets.
  • Tangram: This mindful game uses timeless tangram wooden pieces that have challenged the minds of millions over centuries. The game challenges, interacts and rewards as you explore and experiment with different spatial arrangements using hands dexterity and creative thinking to solve the puzzles. As you solve, the game lights up and reveals the map of even more challenging puzzles.
  • Words: By showing beautiful pictures as word clues, this game magnetically attracts players of all ages to Party around Osmo to quickly guess the word by tossing letter tiles in front of it. Carefully crafted competitive and cooperative modes gets people interacting, bonding, laughing and strategizing together. Fast paced gameplay with increasing difficulty encourages players to think outside the box.

Osmo officially launches on May 22, 2014, using crowd funding to raise $50,000 to help complete manufacturing of the product and garner early feedback. While the device will retail for $99, pre-sale backers will get discount pricing starting at $49 (there is limited availability). You can also get a discount of $5 off for every friend you refer.

Osmo is expected to start shipping its first devices this summer.

For more information, and to pre-order Osmo, visit the Osmo Website.