Review: The Loop Mummy Case – A Revealing Yet Secure Storage Case for Your iPhone 5/5s

Review: The Loop Mummy Case – A Revealing Yet Secure Storage Case for Your iPhone 5/5s

Today, we’re taking a look at The Loop Mummy Case for the iPhone 5/5s. While it’s a silicone based, soft and flexible case, it allows showing off the back-side of your iPhone while still offering protection, and a little something extra – storage for your credit cards, driver’s license, or even a ticket to a ball game.



The Loop Mummy Case offers a balance of functionality and fashion, revealing just enough of your iPhone to show it off, yet protecting your device from any incidental bump and falls.

The Mummy allows full access to all switches, ports, and your iPhone’s cameras. The soft flexible silicone like material the Mummy is┬ámade of allows the user to keep a good grip on their favorite device.

While the above description could describe any of a hundred iPhone 5/5s cases on the market, the Mummy earns its moniker because of the criss-crossing mummy-like straps on the back of the case. While the straps protect the back face of your iPhone, they also allow you to use it as storage for credit cards and IDs, thus allowing you to go out for a night on the town without the need to carry a billfold or purse.

During the week I tried out the Mummy, I also found it handy for securing tickets to a ball game I attended. I am always searching for my ticket to make sure I have it when I get up from my seat to go to the concession stand. When attending a ball game last Sunday, I simply slipped the ticket into the back of the Mummy case, and I knew I had the ticket with me as long as I had my iPhone with me. (Now where did I put my iPhone?)

Yes, those are delicious nachos, and no, you cannot have any.
Yes, those are delicious nachos, and no, you cannot have any.

The Mummy case I tried out was “Graphite” in color, and being that it was a dark shade, I fully expected to find that it would collect lint and fuzz from my pockets, something I’ve hated with previous soft cases of this type. I was happily surprised to see very little lint collect on the case.

One downer iWAs the fit of the case on my iPhone 5s. To be honest, I have experienced this with other case of this type, as soft cases have a tendency to loosen up a bit after you’ve used them for awhile, and I did experience a bit of that with the Mummy.



If you’re looking for a soft case that allows you to protect your iPhone 5/5s while still showing it off, The Loop Mummy is a case you should take a look at. The added option of the storage provided by the case for credit cards and such is a definite plus.

I had no problem using third-party lightning cable with the Mummy, as the material it is made of allows stretching around the lightning port. I also did not experience any problems using it with the various charging docks I have scattered around my home.

Rating: 3.5/5.0[rating:3.5]

Price: $24.95 – Available at the Loop website, or


  • Soft, easy to grip case.
  • Protects the iPhone, while still displaying it.
  • Love the credit card/ID storage the case offers.


  • The case seemed to loosen up a bit after a week of use. I’m not sure how snug it will fit down the line.