Yahoo Decides It Won’t Honor Browser ‘Do Not Track’ Settings

Yahoo Decides It Won’t Honor Browser ‘Do Not Track’ Settings

Add Yahoo to the list of websites that could give a shit less about your privacy settings. The company has reversed its previously stated position on web browser privacy, and will not longer honor any Do Not Track (DNT) settings in your browser.


The Mac Observer notes that Yahoo joins Google and Facebook as companies who still track what you’re doing on the web, even if you’ve set your browser to DNT.

Yahoo says it decided to stop following your DNT wishes because there aren’t any real standards governing the setting. The internet search firm says this will have the benefit of giving users a more personalized experience. (Translation: We can better target ads aimed at you.)

Users can now assume that any browsing they do after visiting a Yahoo-owned site will be tracked. Although Yahoo does offer the ability to manage at least some of your privacy settings, you’ll need to login to your Yahoo account to manage them. Oh, and you’ll need to stay logged in for the changes to stick.

Yahoo closes by saying, “The privacy of our users is and will continue to be a top priority for us.” So, there’s that. I know that just makes me feel SO warm and safe inside, how about you?