CableJive Releases dockStubz for Lightning – Leave Your Case on When Docking Your iPhone

CableJive Releases dockStubz for Lightning – Leave Your Case on When Docking Your iPhone

Do you have an ultra-protective case on your iPhone 5/5c/5s, and the thickness of the case prevents you from using a Lightning dock product like the new Bose SoundDock Series III without removing the case first? Well, CableJive just may have the solution for you.


CableJive Press Release:

CableJive announces the release of dockStubz for Lightning, a new model in the company’s line of dockStubz Case Adapters. Uniquely designed to adapt iPhone 5/5s/5c, or other Apple devices with the new Lightning connection, to new Lightning docking stations or accessories that do not allow a proper connection with the use of a case, cover or bumper. dockStubz for Lightning enables a stable, snug connection and passes all functionality through to the smartphone or tablet, as if it was connected directly to the dock.


Retailing at $18.95 on the CableJive website, the dockStubz for Lightning is a female 8-pin to a male 8-pin adapter and has a two-piece design intended to offer increased flexibility for different types and styles of cases. dockStubz for Lightning offers a long barrel suited to fit inside a more protective case, such as a waterproof case, while holding the phone securely in the dock.

The adapter is also designed with a space for the Lightning charge port ‘door’ to swing open, as seen in LifeProof cases. (My wife Julie is going to be SO excited! – Ed.)


We’re going to try and get out hands on one of these, just to make sure it actually performs as advertised, so keep your eyes open for a full review.


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