Turn Your iPhone 5/5s Into a Credit Card With LoopPay’s ChargeCase

Turn Your iPhone 5/5s Into a Credit Card With LoopPay’s ChargeCase

If you hate carrying around a bunch of credit cards wherever you go, mobile payment startup LoopPay may have the solution for you. Their newly released ChargeCase will keep your iPhone 5/5s charged during the long day, and includes the company’s magnetic loop technology that allows you to make touchless credit card payments at legacy credit card terminals.



The $99 ChargeCase follows the release of the $39 Fob, which attaches to iPhone and Android devices through the audio jack. For a limited time, if you buy the ChargeCase, you’ll also receive a free Fob. Swiping your credit and loyalty cards through the Fob allows you to save their mag-stripe data to the LoopPay app so you can use the cards at retailers.

The LoopPay ChargeCase generates a small magnetic field that you can hold above a credit card terminal to simulate the act of swiping your card.

The 1400 mAh ChargeCase provides over 60% more backup power, so that should aid you in getting through those long days when your iPhone just never seems to have enough battery left.


It’s up to you to decide if the extra bulk of the case is worth the convenience of not carrying your credit cards around with you. But, if you’re already considering a battery case for your iPhone 5/5s, then this case might be worth a look.

While I considered the ChargeCase, I have to admit, I’m not comfortable with just how it would work in a restaurant setting where the server usually takes your card away to run it for your bill. Even if the server knew what to do with the ChargeCase, would you feel comfortable allowing them to take your iPhone with them?

For more information, visit the LoopPay website.