Innovative Children’s Gaming Device Osmo Announces Availability of Second Batch of Units

Innovative Children’s Gaming Device Osmo Announces Availability of Second Batch of Units

Osmo, the innovative iPad-based gaming device for children, has announced the availability of a second batch of units, free apps, and a new game piece replacement policy. Osmo quickly surpassed its first batch pre-sale goal of $50,000 in just six and a half hours.


From the Osmo press release:

Today, Osmo is also announcing additional benefits for early backers who pre-order during the pre-sale campaign. For the next two years, early backers will be able to download the future apps on Osmo platform guaranteed for free. In addition to free games, backers will also be able to replace any lost or broken game pieces for up to two years after the purchase of Osmo. Osmo will be launching with three unique games, but these additional benefits show a commitment from the company to the Osmo gaming platform.

Osmo is a gaming device that connects to any iPad. It then transforms the physical space in front of a tablet and brings actual reality into digital gaming while encouraging core life skills. Osmo games can be played anywhere, and on any surface, individually, or by groups, and has no need for wifi or a battery. The video seen below explains how it all works better than we ever could.

“We’ve had tremendous support and incredible demand from the community, says Pramod Sharma, CEO and co-founder of Osmo. “In an effort to keep Osmo an engaging part of family entertainment for years to come and to show our gratitude for early support, we wanted to extend more features and offerings.”

The Osmo set comes with three games; Newton, Words, and Tangram, designed for children ages 6-12. The device will retail for $99, but presale backers will get discount pricing starting at $49 (limited availability). Special discounts include $5 off for every friend you refer. Osmo is expected to start shipping late summer 2014.

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