MacTrast Deals: The CrazyTalk7 PRO Super Bundle (For Mac)

MacTrast Deals: The CrazyTalk7 PRO Super Bundle (For Mac)

Today’s MacTrast Deal gives you the tools to create your own hilarious facial animations that allow you to turn any image into a talking head, with animation driven by your own voice.


Get the CrazyTalk 7 Pro Super Bundle for Mac for only $99.95!

The CrazyTalk7 PRO Super Bundle For Mac includes:

  • CrazyTalk7 Pro for Mac
  • Bouncy Buddies Character Pack
  • Auto Animation Library
  • Organic Auto Motion Samples
  • CrazyTalk7 Training Video

The whole bundle is worth $235, but you can get it for only $99.95


CrazyTalk7 PRO for Mac

CrazyTalk 7 is the most popular facial animation tool that uses sound and text to vividly animate facial images. Its groundbreaking Auto Motion technology is simple, just import images, specify the facial feature points and record your own voice, then it automatically generates lip-syncs, bringing your images to life.

Once you start using it, you’ll see how fun and easy it is to creating dynamic, talking characters from static images. Make them whisper, shout, talk and sing with hilarious motions that are tied to your voice energy.

Get the CrazyTalk 7 Pro Super Bundle for Mac for only $99.95!

Bouncy Buddies Character Pack

This pack contains 8 gorgeous egg-like characters who will be at your side in your CrazyTalk7. They can be seamlessly integrated with any Voice Script, bringing you laughs-a-plenty with their cartoonish expressions.


  • Eight Egg Characters Included
  • Freely Adjustable Motion Parameters – Complete control over the way they move
  • Custom Parameters – Adjust strength, softness, spring to make them bounce to and fro
  • Versatile – Certainly some of the most unique characters in your content library

Get the CrazyTalk 7 Pro Super Bundle for Mac for only $99.95!

Auto Animation Library

This pack includes 3 indispensable additions to complement CrazyTalk7’s Auto Motion Technology.

The specially-made sound library allows you to start your animation with the high quality audio clips, and see how motions respond to sounds.

With hundreds of templates and styles at your disposal, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect sample templates to give your character the desired movement and expression.


  • Sound Library & Voice Scripts – Includes high-quality audio clips to see how motions respond to sounds, then use the auto motion templates to give your character all kinds of emotions and natural movements
  • Auto Motions – Apply motion styles to accompany any character movement, adjusting strength levels to fit each character’s unique style
  • Motion Clips – Creates intricate expressions and layer custom motion clips or animations together to create your own unique expressions

Get the CrazyTalk 7 Pro Super Bundle for Mac for only $99.95!

Organic Auto Motion Samples

The Organic Auto Motion Sampler is designed to showcase pro level Auto Motion features that simulate classical cartoon animation techniques such as follow-through, squash-and-stretch, and bouncy spring movements.

These types of organic movement are quite time-consuming and difficult to animate, even for pro-level animators, but thankfully for you, they can be fully automated by CrazyTalk7 PRO using Muscle Control, Time Offset, Ping-pong and Advanced Spring Features.


  • 10 Auto Motions
  • 4 Talk
  • 3 Dance
  • 3 Functional

Get the CrazyTalk 7 Pro Super Bundle for Mac for only $99.95!

CrazyTalk 7 Training Video

Master CrazyTalk7 with 3 hours of training.

These 16 CrazyTalk animated tutorials were created to introduce you to the application, guide you through the creation process and provide you with a few tips along the way.


  • Turn Images into Fully Animated Characters
  • Animate Characters with the Power of Your Voice
  • Easily Dock/Undock Tools to Fit Your Own Workspace
  • Quickly Create Astonishingly Vivid Animations
  • Intuitively Manage the Timeline
  • Make Use of Cross-platforms for Unlimited Flexibility and Mobility

Get the CrazyTalk 7 Pro Super Bundle for Mac for only $99.95!