Review: The Pad & Quill Timber Cover for the iPhone 5/5s

Review: The Pad & Quill Timber Cover for the iPhone 5/5s

The fine folks at Pad & Quill are known for making beautiful leather bags. as well as cases for the Apple iPhone and iPad, and the Amazon’s Kindle devices, and the iPhone cover we’re reviewing today is no exception. Let’s take a look at the Pad & Quill Timber Cover for the iPhone 5/5s.



While owners of the iPhone 5/5s may feel the need to protect their devices, many don’t want to put some heavy-duty case that completely covers up the beauty of their device. That’s where a solution such as the Timber enters the equation.

The Timber comes to you as two thin pieces of wood, die-cut perfectly to fit your iPhone 5/5s. Made out of either mahogany or walnut, the Timber is backed with a light coating of 3M adhesive that allows you to easily install or remove the Timber from the front and back faces of your iPhone.

I received the Mahogany Timber, and now that I’ve applied it to my gold iPhone 5s, I may never remove it. The gold around the outside of the iPhone is a great contrast to the Mahogany of the Timber.

The Timber is easy to apply. Simply peel the paper off of the back of the Timber and align it carefully with your iPhone, and press gently to seal. Don’t worry if you don’t get it aligned right the first time, the 3M adhesive is made so that you can easily remove, and re-apply the Timber as many times as you need to. It took me about 2 minutes to apply both the front and back layers of the Timber to my device.


When I first applied the Timber to my iPhone, I’ll admit that I was concerned how it would look after a few weeks of use. I’ve had it for two weeks now, and I’m happy to report that the Timber looks just as good as it did the first day I applied it. Pad & Quill says the wood is hand-rubbed with natural wood oil for lasting protection. Whatever they do to it, it seems to be durable enough for daily use.

The only issue I’ve experienced in my two weeks of use is that the hot humid weather we’ve been experiencing here in Tennessee sometimes causes the thin wood around the left and right sides of my iPhone’s screen to move a bit, just a tiny shift to the left or right when I’ve had my iPhone in my pants pocket. Each time I’ve been able to realign it with no worries, but it’s something to keep in mind.


I would highly recommend the Pad & Quill Timber Cover for the iPhone 5/5s to any user who wants to protect the front and back of their device from scratched during everyday use, but don’t want their device covered up by a bulky case. Sure, the Timber won’t protect your iPhone from water, or a direct hit from a .40 caliber bullet, but it will protect it from the hazards of normal use, and it will look damn good while it does it.

Rating: 4.0/5.0[rating:4.0]

Price: $19.99 – Available in Mahogany or Walnut at the Pad & Quill website.


  • The wood used for the Timber is beautiful, and surprisingly durable.
  • Easy to apply, and remove.


  • The front sides of the case can slide a bit in hot humid weather.

Disclaimer: I received the above product for review at no cost. I received no monetary compensation for this review.