Apple Improves iOS 8 Health App With Step Counting and Caffeine Tracking

Apple Improves iOS 8 Health App With Step Counting and Caffeine Tracking

Apple has added features to its Health app in the current iOS 8 beta. The app can now access the iPhone 5s’s built-in M7 motion coprocessor to track the number of steps a user makes each day, and caffeine has also been added to the already lengthy list of nutritional categories that can be tracked by the app.



The Health app’s Steps counter tab can now report steps without connecting to any third party applications or hardware devices. Because this feature likely uses the M7 processor, an iPhone 5s is required to get the steps data directly from the device…

9to5Mac reports that while the M7 pre-populates the Health app with a full week of data, the tracking functionality also works well when the steps count is reset to 0. he Health app also allows users to sort data by Day, Week, Month, and Year, and individual sets of steps tracking can be removed from the app. Sharing of steps data with third-party apps is also supported.

The steps feature will allow iPhone 5s, (and users of future iPhone models), to begin using the software without any need for a hardware device to track their movement.

Apple also added caffeine tracking to the updated Health app, adding it to the already lengthy list of tracked nutritional categories.

The Health app’s “Medical ID” section, which serves as an emergency medical card, has also been slightly remodeled, with the addition of an easier to see red navigational bar.

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