Apple Launches New MacBook Air TV Ad – “Stickers”

Apple Launches New MacBook Air TV Ad – “Stickers”

Apple has debuted a new television ad, promoting the MacBook Air. “Stickers” shows off a variety of customized decals placed over the Apple symbol on the back of the notebook.


Decals shown include various sunglasses, hats, and headphones, along with nods to Breaking Bad, Peanuts, Ice Age, Snow White, Pac Man, Chi the Cat, The Simpsons, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Tasmanian Devil, Hello Kitty, Catwoman, and Mickey Mouse. 

The new commercial ends with a side view of the MacBook Air, and a tagline of “The notebook people love.” Apple has also posted a “Stickers” page on its website, featuring some of the decals included in the ad.

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