Goophone Wastes No Time Releasing iPhone 6 Clone

Goophone Wastes No Time Releasing iPhone 6 Clone

The iPhone 6 hasn’t even been officially announced as of yet, but that hasn’t deterred Chinese clone manufacturer Goophone from already cranking out a fairly decent looking copy. The company, who even cranked out a gold iPhone 5s lookalike last year, has unleashed their amazing facsimile of the iPhone 6 onto an unsuspecting world.


As ever with Goophone, the quality of both the casing and the iOS-themed Android skin is certainly good enough to fool the casual observer – almost worth getting one to prank people …

Production of the 4.7-in iPhone 6 is reportedly set to start next week, with production of the 5.5-inch model gearing up the second week in August.

Rumors are flying about what the new iPhone(s) will look like, and what features they’ll boast. But in the meantime… Have fun and fool your friends with Goophone’s knockoff…