Review: Solus Headphones – Big Sound, Better Price

Review: Solus Headphones – Big Sound, Better Price

For iPhone and iPod users, the hunt for better headphones seems to be a never-ending struggle. Those little white EarPods, along with thousands of other earbuds all offer ok sound for the average user, but those serious about music know that over ear headphones are the way to go. Companies like Beats and Sony offer extremely expensive headphones that provide a louder, more full range of sound, but at $200+ for a set of cans, most can’t justify the cost. Wicked Audio’s Solus offer a similarly impressive sound, but at a much more palatable price.


The Wicked Audio Solus Headphones ($64.99 on Amazon) are a DJ-style headphone, available in a rather stylish Black/Red combo coloring, with subtle hints of a Beats inspired design. Featuring a 40mm driver, they are capable of delivering a full range of sound, without blatting bass or sounding tinny on high frequency sounds.


The Solus Headphones are constructed of a hard plastic, with soft, pleather cushions on the ear pieces and head band. The audio cable is wrapped in a nylon chord, helping to prevent tangling, and the 3.5mm plug is gold plated of optimal audio quality. Unlike many other headphones of the era, the cable does not feature a mic or music controls, but instead has an old school volume dial and a mono<>stereo switch. This means that adjusting the volume of the headphones can be done independently from your device volume, which is fitting for DJ equipment that doesn’t interface with a volume clicker. The mono/stereo switch is also nice if you are listening with only 1 ear, as you’ll heard a blend of both channels in mono, instead of missing something in the other channel in stereo.

As for the primary reason anyone would buy headphones – the sound – the Solus headphones do offer “enhanced bass.” This is no doubt partially due to the 40mm driver that allows for a better bass translation than smaller headphones or earphones. Because of the enhanced bass, some mid-range sounds can get a little buried, but not so much that they feel absent. High-range sounds tend to cut through decently and the entire blend is pretty solid.


In my testing, I found that even while mowing the yard, I was able to get consistent sound, which is also helped by the noise isolation of the ear cups. It’s not active noise canceling, but offers a noticeable reduction in outside sounds, which is handy in airports, on the train, or at the coffee shop. Connected to a guitar amp or electronic drum set, they delivered a full range of sound straight into your ears, and there was minimal sound leak, so your music doesn’t disturb others.


The Solus are also semi-collapsable, and come with a handy carrying bag, which helps protect the plastic construction from scratches, but offers little protection if they are to be stepped on/dropped/sat on/chewed on by the dog. Alternatively, the box can actually server as a decent carrying case, if you’re ok with all the Wicked Audio branding that comes with it.

Verdict: [rating: 3.5]

The Wicked Audio Solus headphones may not be the cats pajamas when it comes to 100% perfect sound reproduction, but for students off to college, aspiring DJs, or even some musicians, these are an excellent set of headphones for their price. From pop to rock, country to hip-hop, they offer full sound, reasonable comfort, and look quite nice, too.


  • Lightweight, sturdy feel
  • Good range of sound
  • Under $100


  • Can get uncomfortable after extended use

If you’re looking for a solid, affordable pair of over-ear headphones, Wicked Audio’s Solus are a great option. Pick up yours today on Amazon!

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