Roku and Chromecast Outsell Third Place Apple TV in 2013

Roku and Chromecast Outsell Third Place Apple TV in 2013

The Roku and Google’s Chromecast streaming media devices were the two highest selling such devices in the U.S. in 2013. Both devices outsold the third-place Apple TV. This, according to data from Parks Associates (via GigaOM).

Roku 3

The report, “The Evolving Market For Streaming Media Devices,” says media streaming device sales are on the rise and will be in more than 25% of U.S. homes by 2015.

Google and Roku both saw sales of an estimated 3.8 million streamers last year, with Apple pushing just over 2 million little black boxes out the door. MacRumors notes that to date, Apple has sold over 20 million Apple TVs worldwide since launching the streaming device in 2007, while Roku has sold 8 million devices since its first media box in 2008.

A report last year, also from Parks Associates, noted that 14% of all U.S. broadband using households used streaming devices. The study showed 37% of those households were using Roku boxes, while 24% used the Apple TV.

While the Apple TV has not been updated recently, a number of rumors assert that Apple is working on a new version of their “hobby,” which could offer both gaming and cable box-like capabilities.