A Bright Idea In Feature And Function With FLOS’ D’E-LIGHT Lighting

A Bright Idea In Feature And Function With FLOS’ D’E-LIGHT Lighting

Philippe Starck LogoFLOS makes uniquely designed lighting fixtures for your home that most likely would be chosen by an interior decorator. Their new D’E-LIGHT by Philippe Starck brings simplicity to already cluttered desktops.

The super designer, known worldwide for his work, created this task lamp and charging dock for the leading Italian modern lighting brand. The all chrome review model with an Apple Lightning connector added a touch of class to my wooden nightstand and its glossy finish. The duo reminded me of staying at a five star resort.

FLOS – Designer Philippe Starck talks about D’E-Light
For a few years, I’ve been charging my iDevices with cords snaked inside of a leather-clad charging shelf. The shelf has served me well, but it’s time to go for the upgrade. And upgrade I did, in a big way, with the chrome D’E-LIGHT.


Unboxing FLOS D’E-LIGHTFLOS’ D’E-Light comes as a few parts in the box. The box’s design cradled and covered each part of the lamp for shipping. I didn’t see any scratches or dings in the model I received. Seen in my unboxing, the power adapter has to be assembled, but for good reason.

FLOS D'E-LIGHT By Philippe Starck
FLOS D’E-LIGHT By Philippe Starck

The company included a few prongs making it compatible for multiple countries. Other manufacturers may make you purchase extra power adapters at an additional cost.

A thin black power cord comes out of the bottom middle left side of the task lamp. It measures in at 12.48” high by 8.5” wide and looks best at the edge of a table, or on one with a power cable cutout.

Once it’s setup though, it looks completely futuristic. Starck’s prowess as a designer even shines through with where he located and integrated the optical light switch.

Touch sensitive switches are nothing new, but the orange glow on the D’E-LIGHT makes it easy to find, even in the dark. It offers two intensities, 100% and 50%. I prefer using the 50% power mode most.

FLOS D’E-LIGHT with iPhone

Some charging docks I’ve used in the past require the user to activate it once plugged in. This charges immediately after a compatible iPhone or iPad is placed on the Lightning connector.

The light panel for the lamp features a color temperature of 2700K that is capable of producing 299 Lumens. The Lightning connector on top of the light panel is slightly reclined. The angle allows the light to project far but not high enough to blind you. I prefer using it to light my room rather than my other room light.

As a task lamp, the D’E-LIGHT is one of the best I’ve tested. As a charging dock however, it came up a bit short. The issues I found could be due to a number of factors, including its design and Apple specifications.

FLOS-D’E-LIGHT with iPad

The Lightning connector is at such a pitch, that if I weren’t paying attention to an iPad while removing it, I might break the connector. The adapter feels solid, but it could come loose after an extended period of use with iPads.

If I were to place the task lamp on a table next to a wall, it would have to be far enough over so that an iPad Air could fit on the connector. Having the lamp a little further into a desk to accommodate spacing is not a big deal, however it makes the charging cord visible.

The D’E-Light is by no means a cost effective or cheap charging dock for your iGadgets. The chrome task lamp makes a serious statement, especially the chrome model.


At first I thought the chrome might be too much. However, the overall design of the D’E-LIGHT makes my room look that much more awesome.

The short Lightning port issue can be solved through an accessory recently reviewed on MacTrast called dockStubz. It is a Lightning pass-through connector that extends a connector to fit through thick iPhone cases. For iPads, you will need to remove its case or find a similar type of connector accessory. The capability of the D’E-LIGHT to charge all of Apple’s most recent iDevices with a Lightning port is a nice touch.

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Rating: 4.5/5


Price: $395 – Available from FLOS USA direct.


  • Designed by Philippe Starck.
  • Requires minimal desk space.
  • Removes extra wires to charge Lightning enabled devices.
  • Looks rich and has a solid base for large iPads.
  • Charges iPads, iPhones and iPods.
  • Bright LEDs.


  • iPads float halfway off of the docking connector.
  • Cases on iPads, iPhones and iPods won’t allow devices to charge.
  • Picking up iPads over an extended period of time may loosen the Lightning connector.

Disclaimer: I received a FLOS D’E-LIGHT at no cost for review. I did not receive compensation for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos are courtesy of FLOS.