Apple Runs Limited-Time “Amazing Productivity Apps” Promo on 20 Great Apps

Apple Runs Limited-Time “Amazing Productivity Apps” Promo on 20 Great Apps

Just in time for “Back to School”, Apple is running a limited-time sales on 20 “Amazing Productivity Apps” in the iOS App Store. Included in the promotion are some of our favorite apps such as to-do list app Clear, calendaring app Fantastical 2, (if you don’t already have this great app, now is the time to grab it), the handy Launch Center Pro app, and PDF Expert 5 and Scanner Pro, both by Readdle.


The full list of apps includes:

WHEW! That’s quite a list of great apps. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I just replenished my iTunes balance, and I’ve got some app buying to do…

  1. Great list os useful apps! Thank you. I just bought Scanbot last week, wonderful app.. now with a reduced price 🙂

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